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Christian Patriotism






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Christian Patriotism

by Alonzo Trevier Jones

Edited and Reprinted from:
Christian Patriotism or Religion and the State,
Published in 1900 by Pacific Press Publishing Co.
Oakland, Cal., New York, Kansas City


The Third Angel's Message No. 3,
delivered Tuesday, February 5, 1895 by A. T. Jones
at the General Conference of 1895

Published in the Kingdom of Heaven
Year of Our Lord, 1991, 1993, 1997 and 2002

Alonzo Trevier Jones
Alonzo Trevier Jones


As long as the Church keeps herself entirely separate from the State, she can consistently and rightly disregard any and all legislative acts, judicial decrees, or executive powers, that touch religious practices because she ever denies the right of government to touch religion or any religious question in any way.

Citizens of heaven are not bound by manmade laws. Such is the glorious freedom granted to everyone who will separate from the governments of the world and make God their only King, their only Judge, their only Lawgiver. Renunciation of worldly citizenship and giving our allegiance to the heavenly government is what A. T. Jones is urging.

This book, written at the turn of the century, lays the foundation for being a naturalized citizen of the heavenly government. It shows why state governments were formed and how we are called to "come out from among them" and "not be like the other nations."

The chapters for this edition of Christian Patriotism have been recompiled from two of Jones' previously published works - Christian Patriotism and The Third Angel's Message.

I was first introduced to A. T. Jones a few years ago when I regularly "rode the circuit" from Portland to Medford. On one of these tours, I was scheduled to speak in a small town in Southern Oregon. When my family and I arrived, we stopped at a local restaurant where we noticed a poster: "Come Hear Paul Revere Speak - In the Spirit of A. T. Jones." It was embarrassing. Who in the world was A. T. Jones? All I could do was pray that we were one Spirit in Christ.

After the gathering, participants expressed their astonishment at the similarity of our message. That's when I was handed my first copy of Christian Patriotism.

Alonzo urged people 90 years ago to come out from the governments of the world and claim their heavenly citizenship. I can't help wondering if he would draw crowds today preaching separation from the state. How many today would surrender their state driver licenses, vehicle registrations and social security numbers? Jones says, "It is perfectly plain that the teaching of the Word of God is that for members of the Church to form any connection with the State is to reject God."

Paul Revere, Pastor
Year of Our Lord, 1991



Christian patriotism, loyalty to the law and government of the Most High, is the loftiest aspiration that can ever come to any soul.


The separation of religion and the State is one of the most important questions that any people can ever consider in connection with Christian patriotism; because the union of religion and the State has marked the greatest apostasies from God. It has caused more misery than any other thing in all history.

The complete separation of religion and the State is Christian. Unswerving loyalty to this principle is Christian patriotism. This is not a mere sentiment or side issue of Christianity; it is one of the fundamental principles and chief characteristics of Christianity.

And the separation of religion and the State is one of the great thoughts of the Bible. It is one of the leading principles of that Book which for man is the source of all sound principle.

Many people think that the two or three expressions of Christ as recorded in the New Testament are all that the Bible contains on the subject of the separation of Church and State. But separation of religion and the State is one of the original thoughts of the Bible, and reaches from the beginning to the end of the Book.

We propose here to give a series of studies of the Bible on this great subject of Christian patriotism or the separation of religion and State.

Being one of the great thoughts of the Bible, this subject is of vital importance to individuals everywhere in their relations to God. It is a principle that is involved in the daily experience of Christians and not merely an abstract question.

The ways of God are right. His Word is the only certain light, the only sure truth. The principles which He has announced are the only safe principles for the guidance of men. We hope to make each study so plain that every reader can easily grasp the truth of it.

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